A book with a Lecture For Every One


Sarah Vanhee’s Lecture For Every One continues to resonate as a book. This publication is a compilation of expertise and insights that Lecture For Every One has generated: feedback, stories and memories from different points of view. It reflects on how places where people gather can become political institutions, on the (im)possibility to address everyone and on the value of fiction in our daily lives.

The book (in English) is now available in book stores or you can order it here.

Youngsters from Brussels have something to say to you - Lecture For Every One-20


Together with artist Sarah Vanhee, 10 youngsters from Brussels wrote a lecture for everyone. They were unable to bring this Lecture For Every One-20 to you during the cancelled third part of our autumn program News From Home. So they made two video recordings of their performances for you.

The full version of the lecture was recorded at Kaaistudio's. You can watch the video here.

VRT’s tv-channels Canvas and Eén invited one of the youngsters to perform a shortened version of the lecture in De Toots Sessies. You can watch the performance here.

By artist Sarah Vanhee and ten youngsters from Brussels: Maya Coppola, Nyala Nauwelaers, Mauro Michielsen, Victor Bru, Camila Lakhloufi, Lina Gonzalez Electeur, Isaac Le Biannic, Lysa Gisella Umuhoza, Zayan Delbauche and Elliot Delvaux.

Delve back into The Diasporic Schools


The Diasporic Schools came to an end with a public program filled with online encounters, podcasts and shortfilms. We shared this experience from a distance, with many of you and sparked interesting conversations together.

Did you miss out on The Diasporic Schools, the second part of our autumn program? You can now delve back into the artistic projects here.

Without any News From Home


We’d hoped to leave you this autumn with News From Home. Unfortunately, this third part of our autumn program is cancelled due to additional measures that were announced by the Brussels government.

Nevertheless, we are very grateful to all the artists, partners and collaborators that contributed to the realization of this project dedicated to Brussels based artists.

We are now fully committed to the organization of the festival in May 2021. Looking forward to welcoming you at Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2021!

Listening session: Lagrange Points remains more than ever open


Despite of the actuality, Lagrange Points remains open. Tonight, at 18:30, we will seat in the Brussels arabic bookshop to listen to the fourth episode of The Ramallah Club Network by Samah Hijawi and Reem Shilleh. They will be in conversation with curators Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri.

You are more than ever welcome.

Museum in exile and food care in time of crisis


We present two new episodes in podcast this Thursday: In the first one, Otobong Nkanga and Sandrine Honliasso talk with urban farmer Ashna Afroze Ahmed for the fourth chapter of their Ikọ serie. While for the fourth episode of The Ramallah Club Network, Reem Shilleh and Samah Hijawi approach the complex relationship between the Palestinian diaspora and the struggle for the liberation of the country. 

You can discover Food care in time of crisis with Ashna Afroze Ahmed, the episode 3 of Ikọ, on the page dedicated to the work of Otobong Nkanga and Sandrine Honliasso.  

And we meet again on Radio Al-Hara at 14:30 for episode 4 of The Ramallah Club Network by Reem Shilleh and Samah Hijawi.

Listening session: Tonight at Lagrange Points


Join us tonight at Lagrange Points, the Arabic-speaking bookshop in Brussels, at 18:30 for a listening session of The Ramallah Club Network and a meeting with Samah Hijawi & Reem Shilleh who will share life stories and experiences across different borders.

Episode 3: memories


Samah Hijawi, Reem Shilleh and Basma Alsharif talk about their earliest memories. This third episode of The Ramallah Club Network is about distance and image, and about Basma Alsharif's video and writing works, Gaza, metaphors and much more.

The third episode episode is broadcasted on Radio Al-Hara on 14:30 and the Basma Alsharif's video We Began By Measuring Distance (2009) will be streaming online on The Ramallah Club Network page untill the 18th of October.

Ikọ podcast: episode 2


The conversation will explore the textile practice in the african cultures and how its contemporary practices can be a site for community building and support.

Lagrange Points welcomes us tonight


In this hard times of pandemy, Lagrange Points remains open as a bookshop. Tonight we will seat in this cosy place to listen Samah Hijawi and Reem Shilleh in conversation with the filmmaker Michel Khleifi. They speak about memory and about Khleifi's cinematographic work, particularly his 1985 film Maaloul Celebrates Its Destruction.

This second podcast of The Ramallah Club Network will be held in Arabic and the safety measures will be respected: be most welcome.